Homewood Small Business EXPO

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Saturday, November 18, 2017 – 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Homewood-Brushton YMCA

7140 Bennett Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15208

Thank you to all who participated in the first ever Homewood Small Business Expo! With so much positive feedback, we hope to continue to make the Expo an annual event!

Following the conclusion of the Expo, the team sent out a Feedback Survey to all exhibitors and sponsors to solicit opinions of the event.  Overall, the attendees were very pleased by the Expo and expressed interest in attending the next one!  The results displayed in the chart below show the attendees’ responses about what they found most useful about the Expo.

Most people who completed the survey did attend the morning panel discussions.  The respondents reported that they appreciated the variety and relevancy of the information presented on the panels, in particular, the discussions covering financing and social media.  Respondents also remarked that the information was useful for start-up and entrepreneurs.

Given that the Homewood Small Business Expo was an inaugural venture, it was vital for us to understand how people heard about this event.  Most answered that they had either received a personal invitation or heard about it through word of mouth.  The chart below reflects how participants heard about the expo:

Check out all of the businesses that made it to the Expo!

Photo coverage of the day’s events

First morning panel: Business Banking and Finance

Aaron Aldrich, Bridgeway Capital

Judith Kirby, Small Business Administration

Emily Keebler, Kiva Pittsburgh

Jeni Cooper, Urban Redevelopment Authority

Yalanda Ferguson, PNC

Aaron Aldrich, Bridgeway Capital

Yalanda Ferguson, PNC

Keynote Speaker

William Generette, Urban Innovation 21

Morning Session Attendees

Second Morning Panel

Juan Garret, Riverside Center for Innovation

Second Morning Session

Ilana Dimond, Alpha Lab Gear

Crowd listens to final panel discussion before Expo opens to the public.

Entrepreneurs and afternoon attendees gather in the large activity room.

Entrepreneurs who attended also had booths to give more information about their business and showcase their products.

Many took advantage of their time at the expo to connect with speakers and other local entrepreneurs.

HBBA members make their rounds

Vernard Alexander, president of the Homewood Brushton Business Association talking with attendees

Attendees settle in for the expo finale.

Finale Performance by INK

Students of Westinghouse High School close the Expo with a live performance.

Thank you again to our sponsors: 

PNC, Bridgeway Capital, Neighborhood Allies, Urban Redevelopment Authority, Invest in Her, Whetstone Workgroup, The Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship at Chatham University, Innovation Works, Riverside Center for Innovation, Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission, and the Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence at University of Pittsburgh.